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Sanford Electrical Company has been providing electrical repairs and upgrades for residential homes and commercial buildings since 1925. Our mission is to create an electrical system that ensures energy efficiency, as well as safety. Whether you’re looking for energy saving LED lighting, computer cabling, smoke detectors, switches, outlets, ceiling fans, surge protectors, landscape lighting, or need help troubleshooting a problem, you can rely on our experienced electrical team.

Scheduling an inspection can improve performance of your electrical components, lower utility bills, longer lasting equipment, and protects against costly repairs in the future, as well as protecting against electrical fires.

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Sanford Electric is a company that stays current with modern methods, regulations, and cost-saving applications.

Retail Renovations

Starting a new business can be a stressful undertaking. Let Sanford Electric Company plan, manage, and install the special wiring requirements of your unique equipment and lighting. From planning to final inspection, we can manage your electrical project.

Home and Business

Making changes to your home or business may include additional electrical outlets, appliances, and lighting. Sanford Electric Company has experienced and dedicated designers and installers to ensure proper placement with safe and convenient operations. Call us today!